Matt Zarley new song- WTF; Seriously Matt, What the Fuck?

by Accidental Bear

I wanted so bad to find out that this was just a joke, a skit, but my research found out that this is for real. My new grown up mind wants so hard not to judge, so I bite my tongue and I ask you to watch for yourself and tell me what you think. This would be way to easy for me to rip it a new ass***e and rain on Matt Zarley’s parade (oh, and it would be a downpour!)

2 Comments to “Matt Zarley new song- WTF; Seriously Matt, What the Fuck?”

  1. is this a joke? i mean seriously?
    this things make me sad and not so proud of being gay…
    bad crappy music… horribly bad video… super crappy singing… its as bad as that friday song!!!
    only from an old enough dude and then people gets offended when they put labels on gay people…. sooooo wrong!!!

  2. Geez guys lighten up! It’s just a fun, campy video. Sometimes I don’t want to hear another sad break-up song. This one brings a smile to my face. Can’t you tell the whole thing is done with a smile and a wink?! Not everything needs to be analyzed to death. Enjoy a laugh once in a while. I liked the song enough to buy it, I get the joke of the video, and I’m a 54 year old straight guy.

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