Acting Sexy Now Illegal in Utah

by Accidental Bear

Fuck! There goes my whole road trip idea for the summer. I was going to swing into Utah for a few days, walk the streets swishing my hips desperately from side to side, suck on the straw of my black cherry 7-11 slurpie on the corner as if my life hung on every last drop and then go hang out in the park as I playfully rub raspberry flavored whip cream on my nipples as I let all the dogs in the park and their owners lick it off. All non-sexually of course.~ AB

via Gawker

by Max Read — Despite being home to the sexist national park (Arches) and the sexiest salt water lake (Great Salt Lake), Utah doesn’t want you to think of it as a sexy state. And so, in an attempt to make it easier for police to arrest prostitutes, the state has gone ahead and outlawed acting sexy altogether.

Two Utah escort services have filed a lawsuit against a new state law that broadens the legal definition of solicitation to include exposing genitals and touching yourself sexually, arguing that police can now arrest just about anyone who is acting in a sexy manner — like strippers or escorts. As attorney Andrew McCullough points out, “most girls who touch their breasts are not telling you they’re open for sex.”

Now, obviously, there are ways to act sexy without “touching yourself sexually.” But this isn’t the Victorian era! Basically the only way to find a husband or wife these days is to show up at a bar and aggressively touch yourself, sexually. Does Utah really want to make that illegal?

3 Comments to “Acting Sexy Now Illegal in Utah”

  1. You have got to be fucking kidding me. So if my cock shifts around in my pants or boxers and i need to adjust my shit and if seen by a cop i can be arrested. thats a fucked ass law just when you thought the legal system couldnt get any dumber. wtf that is not going to solve shit at all.. just make matters worse.

    • I think I sometimes live in another universe from some people when I hear about things like this. People are absurd and off track about important issues. So, next time you have to rearrange the boys, don’t get caught! lol

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