“We’re Here, We’re Queer, We Take it in the Rear”: Lisa Lampanelli Hate Into AIDS Cash Cow

by Accidental Bear

I knew of Lisa’s trucker mouth but had no idea she was smart and clever as well.

Lisa Lampanelli Turns Westboro Hate Into AIDS Cash Cow
By Winston Gieseke @ Advocate Mag

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli, who vowed to donate $1,000 to GMHC for every member of Fred Phelp’s Westboro Baptist Church who picketed her show last night in Topeka, Kansas, has said she will give $44,000 to the nation’s oldest HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care services provider.

“We are grateful for Lisa Lampanelli’s kindness and courage to fight homophobia,” said Marjorie Hill, PhD, CEO of GMHC. “She is holding up a mirror to bigotry and hatred, and reflecting back love and generosity.”

Before her show, Lampanelli, who has steadfastly supported the LGBT community, went outside to greet the protesters, 44 of whom showed up holding signs with messages saying “God Hates Fag Enablers,” “God Hates America,” and “God Hates You.”

After the show, the comedian tweeted that she will be writing a check for $44,000 in the church’s name.

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