7 examples of living furniture, Solid as a Rock

by Accidental Bear

Growing up I dreamt of living inside a tree and my love of camping made living out my golden age in a tent on the beach. Now that I am aged like a fine piece of cheese, I choose a cozy bed indoors. I do still love the feel of dirt and the calmness that happens when I surround myself with plants. Here some great ideas if you have the space and the will. The 2 below are my favorite out of the bunch. AB

via www.mnn.com

Peter Cook got the idea for growing his own furniture in 1986. Nowadays he’s a regular master at the refined art of tree shaping — guiding trees into desirable designs as they grow. Perhaps his most notable piece is the Pooktre chair, an ideal resting place for a gardener. Each chair requires painstaking attention for seven to eight years while it forms, but the effort is part of what makes relaxing in one so rewarding. Check out Cook’s Pooktre website to learn more about these beautiful living chairs, and to see what other wonderful living inventions the Pooktre artists have created.

Chaise-lawn chair
Invented by designer Deger Cengiz, the Chaise-lawn chair doubles as a lawn and a chair, not to mention a wheelbarrow for hauling around any human who finds it too comfortable. The chair might appeal to people who live in apartments and miss the simple pleasures of having a grassy yard — though you might want to check with your landlord first.



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