How to Make A Natural Speaker (video)

by Accidental Bear

Just how green can we go without reverting to caveman days and banging rocks together to start a fire? This morning I tied 2 soup cans together by a mile long string so I can save time on my phone charger and keep my phone bill down. As I chatted to the end of my soup can, my words fell on deaf years and I cut my lip. The inventors of The Natural Speaker have better luck at keeping things simple and green.

Joon and Jung Studio are responsible for “The Natural Speaker” which employs a porcelain casing for optimal sound.

the natural speaker from Studio Joon&Jung on Vimeo.

The idea for the ‘the natural speaker’ derived from the desire to create an absolutely unique, handcrafted speaker for the interior space.
Whereas a lot of speakers are constructed to produce a rather fat bass and sharp high tones, we felt the sound was kind of stuck inside the speakers, missing a natural vibe and ambiance. During the development of the ‘the natural speaker’ we discovered the great properties of porcelain as a speaker casing, providing a clear resonance and mellow sound.

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