I have a Sweet Tooth for Dolly Parton; NEW SONG ‘Together You and I’

by Accidental Bear

via tasteofcountry.com

A Dolly Parton love song is like a Sunday morning stroll through the forest: quietly beautiful, instantly familiar and simply satisfying. The country legend isn’t painting a picture that hasn’t been painted a thousand times before on her new single ‘Together You and I,’ but there still isn’t anyone who works a brush quite like Parton.

The opening verse of this uptempo track could be labeled as trite, but that would be premature. “My love for you is deeper than the depths of any ocean / And as faithful as the stars that grace the night,” Parton sings with a voice that is still impossibly flawless. Her commitment to the metaphor is what makes the song a keeper: “As constant as the sun making it’s journey through the heavens / And we’ll always be together you and I.”

The chorus isn’t a departure from the tone she sets: “Together you and I can stop the rain and make the sunshine / Paint a pretty rainbow brushed with love across the sky / Together you and I belong / Like a songbird and a song / And we’ll always be together you and I.”

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