Unrivaled Bandana-Stalls; What Does Your Bandana Say About You?

by Accidental Bear

In the gay community there are so many things we need to be careful of, the most popular dropping the soap. Another detail that we need to pay close attention to is the color of the bandana we happen to be sporting. Depending on which color you have chosen, it could tell the common pedestrian on the street that you are in to fisting, scat, golden showers, a top or a bottom and I believe there is a color disclosing that you are into some kinky shit. I wear a green one when I go running; 1, to keep the sweat under control and 2, because green looks good with my eyes. Check out this fancy Unrivaled Bandana-Stalls. What do they say about their wearer? ~A B

Two colors in the bandana-stall from Unrivaled. Available in navy/red and blue/sax. Goodhood has them.

2 Comments to “Unrivaled Bandana-Stalls; What Does Your Bandana Say About You?”

  1. i have a turquoise one, hmmm wonder what that says about me lol. i bet you look so sexy wearing that green bandana. you are already hot as hell that just makes you superhot and supersexy 🙂

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