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May 28, 2011

Are Hot Dogs Really Bad for You? Um, Yes!

by Accidental Bear

You already know about the dangers of fat and cholesterol, but how about nitrates?

Q: I’m gearing up for the spring and summer barbecues and I’m wondering — what’s the deal with hot dogs? Are they really that bad for you?

A: Though I love a good dog as much as the next guy (or gal), I have to admit that hot dogs have gotten a pretty bad rap in recent years. Though that’s not to say that we’re paying much mind to the health warnings, mind you. Retail sales of hot dogs last year were northwards of $1.68 billion.

So what’s the problem with the all-American summer favorite? Well, hot dogs (and other meat that has been cured, such as bacon or salami) contain nitrates, which are added to the meat during the cooking process to prevent the growth of botulism and to help the hot dogs maintain a vibrant pinkish color (without the nitrates, the hot dogs would turn brown or gray — tantalizing, right?). Here’s the catch, though. In the human body, these nitrates form nitrosamines, which have been associated with various cancers.

In 2005, a study at the University of Hawaii linked consumption of processed meats to a 67 percent increase in the risk for pancreatic cancer. Yet another more recent study links eating too much processed meats to heart disease and diabetes. This study found that eating one serving a day of foods like bacon, hot dogs and salami was enough to greatly elevate your risk. Interestingly enough, the researchers did not find that eating unprocessed meat at the same rate led to nearly the same risk. What’s the difference in the meats that contain similar amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol? The processed meats had four times the amount of sodium and 50 percent more sodium nitrite. READ MORE

May 28, 2011

Those are Some Fighting Words; Dozens Arrested in Violence at Moscow Gay Rally

by Accidental Bear

Policemen force gay rights activist Daniel Choi into a police vehicle as they detain him near the Kremlin during a gay pride parade

MOSCOW (AFP) – Moscow police Saturday detained three prominent global gay rights leaders as violence broke out at an unprecedented rally that activists tried to stage near the Kremlin wall.
The protesters — waving rainbow flags and some carrying signs reading “Russia is not Iran” — were attacked during the unsanctioned rally by members of an ultra-Orthodox group who had gathered near the Kremlin in anticipation.
An AFP correspondent saw the police then move in and violently wrestle both activists and members of the religious group to the ground before leading them off in handcuffs to waiting security vans.
Those detained included the prominent US gay rights activist Dan Choi as well as Britain’s Peter Tatchell and France’s Louis-George Tin.

May 28, 2011

Saturday’s Sport’s Page: ★ ARISA 26.5 – Special Soccer Party! ★

by Accidental Bear

We here at Accidental love sports, although we are mostly athletic supporters.

May 28, 2011

Wood Thumb Neckties

by Accidental Bear

This proves that the story I tell at least a once year about my 5th grade music teacher Mr Aibair, who we as wicked kids, would call Mr Gaybair, that his wooden ties were real indeed. This wooden necktie from Wood Thumb. Made from redwood salvaged from a barn and produced in San Francisco, the Wood Thumb tie is sure to get people asking questions. We hope they’re lightweight enough to not hold you back.

May 28, 2011

Bleackbeard’s Anchor Found Off The Coast Of North Carolina

by Accidental Bear

A-hoy matey! Just when you go and think fairy tales don’t exist. Some little boy’s fairy tales consists of glass slippers and magic wands, while other boy’s tales consist of skull eye patches, ships and pirates (I’m going to skip the obvious butt pirate joke)!


OREHEAD CITY, N.C. — Archaeologists recovered the first anchor from what’s believed to be the wreck of the pirate Blackbeard’s flagship off the North Carolina coast Friday, a move that might change plans about how to save the rest of the almost 300-year-old artifacts from the central part of the ship.

Divers had planned to recover the second-largest artifact on what’s believed to be the Queen Anne’s Revenge but discovered it was too well-attached to other items in the ballast pile, said project director Mark Wilde-Ramsing. Instead they pulled up another anchor that is the third-largest artifact and likely was the typical anchor for the ship.

Apparently, pirates had everyday anchors and special anchors just most people have everyday dishes and good china. READ MORE

May 28, 2011

Hand Picked Headlines from the News Vine 5/28/2011

by Accidental Bear

Iran Vows to Unplug Internet

Dumb Politicians, Celebrities And Criminals: Reader’s Digest ‘Dumbocracy’ Suffers Fools Gladly

Condoms In Porn: California Officials Consider New Rules

Dr. Drew Discusses Jeff Conaway’s Death (VIDEO)

Lampanelli: In Your Face, Westboro

People Think 1 in 4 Americans are Gay

Golden Gate Bridge begins march to 75th blowout

Arsenic microbe study spurs scientific debate

Treasure Island Flea to be 4th big Bay Area market

Parents Raise Genderless Child

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