Friday Night Furlosophy; 2 Bears, 2 Beers Discuss Current Affairs from Down Under

by Accidental Bear

I have just the thing to get you all past hump-day. Have you ever sat around with a good buddy, shooting the shit, gossiping about men, gym locker room, politics, pop culture, solving world peace and figuring out the smell of your farts and what you ate for lunch, and thought to yourself, “We should record ourselves because we are funny as all hell!” Most likely you smoked to much weed and you fall way short of being entertaining outside of the fart joke. It has recently been brought to my attention that these two beefy men from down under have done just that and quite successfully at that.

They cruise through current affairs with a humorous flare and constant ad-lib slap stick humor. In their most current vod-cast they amuse us with a bumper episode, the guys discuss the recent Equal Love rally in Brisbane, Singing Kylie to the Christians and the stupid new internet meme, Planking. After watching several of their videos via YOUTUBE you will feel like you can call these two your pals, buds or good friends.
Friday Night Furlosophy onYOUTUBE
Friday Night Furlosophy on FACEBOOK

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