Handpicked Headlines: Cousin Marriage vs. Gay Marriage, Australian HIV Campaign, Anthony Weiner

by Accidental Bear

Δ Australian HIV Campaign Reinstated
Δ 12-Year-Old Asks Red Sox to Fight Homophobia Inspired by his late uncle, who felt passionately about preventing antigay bullying, 12-year-old Sam Maden has launched a campaign to ask the Boston Red Sox to make an “It Gets Better” video and help fight homophobia in sports.

Δ Cousin Marriage vs. Gay Marriage Statistics reveal that more U.S. states allow cousins to marry than same-sex couples.

Δ Colbert, Now With Stubble, Takes On Sarah Palin’s Bus Tour (VIDEO) Stephen Colbert, currently sporting some post-hiatus stubble, may be the only person covering Sarah Palin the way she’s meant to be covered: with mockery and flippancy. Now that the reality show star has embarked on a cross-country bus tour for some reason, the media only has one question: “Why?” And Colbert only has one question about the attention they’re paying to her: “Why?”

Δ Indiana Medicaid Plan Δ Banning Planned Parenthood Funding Rejected By HHS WASHINGTON — The Health and Human Services Department has rejected the state of Indiana’s request to block Medicaid recipients from receiving care at Planned Parenthood.

Δ Slowly Killing My Soul:’ Life at Target, Vol. 2 Hamilton Nolan — Last week, we brought you true stories about life as a Target employee, in honor of the ongoing campaign to unionize the virulently anti-union retailer. Today, we bring you the huge second installment.

ΔShep Smith Thinks Anthony Weiner Should Recognize His Own Penis VIDEO Richard Lawson — America’s favorite “roommate” Shep Smith was on his Fox News kaffeeklatsch this afternoon discussing Weinergate and he just couldn’t understand how the congressman could be confused about his own genitalia. It just bothers Shep so!

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