Reclaiming the ‘garbage’ : Terrarium Show Opening Party 6/23 | SF CA

by Accidental Bear

Mark this on your busy pride month calendars. Feed your mind with these creative displays of recycling. What might be thought of as ‘garbage’ to some is turned into decorative treasures that all your friends with be envious us. Take home some art or just get great summer crafts ideas. Don’t worry you will have plenty of bar time this pride season, you will thank me for pointing this treat of an evening out to you. ~AB

Join RSDS (Reynolds-Sebastiani Design Services) in celebrating the opening of our terrarium installation and sale.

St Francis Fountain recently remodelled the space that used to be the kitchen that made candy for the fountain. They brought back life into the unused space by opening it up for events and to shorten the weekend brunch wait by offering more seating. The space will be available for events like birthdays, music shows, art openings, and to school functions (free of charge for schools)

We are working together with St Francis for the Grand Opening of the space with our own art opening on Thursday, June 23d. We will be featuring terrariums made from vintage bottles we unearthed. We went digging around in old overgrown forest dump sites to reclaim the bottles and jugs. We will also be showing some pictures of the forest, as we found it, reclaiming the ‘garbage’. We were captivated by how nature takes over man’s waste.

Thursday, June 23 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm
St. Francis’ Candy Kitchen
2807 24th St.
San Francisco, CA


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