Queer It Yourself: Tools For Survival June 4 – 24 | SOMArts SF CA

by Accidental Bear

Inspired by the late 1960s utopian builders’ guide A Whole Earth Catalog, QIY: Queer It Yourself – Tools for Survival presents a forum for queer do-it-yourself culture and alternative world making.

QIY is envisioned as a laboratory for creating a sustainable queer culture and demonstrating the power of self and community organizing, re-creation, speculation, and transformation. As an antidote to anti-sociality theories of queerness (that suggest queerness can only be rendered as a negation of heteronormativity), Queer It Yourself invites artists to forge their own tools for confronting the everyday challenges of contemporary queer existence.

The exhibition presents artists’ workstations, participatory spaces, hands-on training sites, maps, artwork, ephemera, and user-friendly art that foreground immersive and interactive experiences. These works demonstrate how art can provide active and meaningful tools for surviving our contemporary lived world.

The curators have queered the index of the original “Whole Earth Catalog” and adapted its thoughtful and useful categories to reinvent our own catalog of queer tool-making and to frame this QIY space.

Land Use / Dig it (organic farming, community gardens, eco-projects, cruising sites, earthworks, recycling projects).
June 4 – 24
QIY – Queer It Yourself: Tools for Survival
Opening Reception June 4
Free event


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