Space Needle Won’t Fly Gay Pride Flag again

by Accidental Bear

Why is it important that ‘our’ gay flag flies on the Space Needle?

After the Space Needle made waves by flying a gay pride flag for the first time last year, it has announced the rainbow flag will not make a reappearance for this month’s gay-pride festivities.

“(We) are not flying the flag this year,” Space Needle spokeswoman Mary Bacarella said in a statement Friday.

“We don’t make a habit of flying flags on top of the Space Needle and we make an effort not to fly any flags on a recurring basis,” she said.

Bacarella said the Space Needle is giving the flag to the group, Seattle Out & Proud, which will be marching with it this year. via

One Comment to “Space Needle Won’t Fly Gay Pride Flag again”

  1. I want my $22.50 back for my ride to the top.

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