The Gay Who Wasn’t Gay Enough: Homophobic? | Gay Rugby Video

by Accidental Bear

I get it, it’s cute…but I think it is a strong case of gays displaying internalized homophobia.

An online mockumentary by Toronto’s gay rugby team — inspired by the players’ true stories — about one man’s quest to find himself.

Muddy York RFC presents:

coming out of the closet was the easy part

in association with The Corner Store
and Henderson Bas Kohn
starring the boys of Muddy York RFC
featuring Anthony Wallace as Richard
directed by Linzi Knight
lensed by Colin Akoon
written by Lino DiNallo
art direction by Jeff Wilbee
edited by Sandy Soles @ Relish
sound by Stephanie Pigott
and Jared Kuemper @ Pirate Toronto
casting by Fade to Black

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