Florida Family Association: Beware of Disney Gay Day

by Accidental Bear

I sit here day dreaming of what I would have done with the $7,000 spent for this, quite frankly, drab, boring and uncreative sign warning people that GAYS in large numbers will be at Disney world for GAY DAY (add thunder and storm noises here). What are they afraid of: Gays using Mickey cut out as glory holes? Spiking the punch? Recruiting? FAB is unaware that there monstrosity of a sign was a beacon for the homosexual to, Come out, come out where ever you are.   AB


via Advocate.com Editors

Gay Days x390 | Advocate.com

The Florida Family Association spent $7,000 to fly a large banner “warning” Disney World attendees of the annual Gay Day celebration at the Magic Kingdom, WESH-TV reports.

“Thousands of homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders will converge on Central Florida the first week of June to celebrate their immoral lifestyles,” the group announced on its website in condemnation of Orlando Gay Days, which brings in millions of tourist dollars to the area each year. READ MORE


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