Anderson Cooper Wants You to Know About “Sissy Boy” Therapy’s Dangers

by Accidental Bear

This story is unbelievable and shameful. Grab a box of kleenex and watch videos. You could take this one story and describe all that is wrong with the human race. How can one human lack such compassion, common sense and morality and still lead a successful life. Shame on you George Rekers! I wish for you to be experimented on like a lab rat.


AndersonCooperSissyBoyx390 (Screengrab) |

CNN’s AC360 aired part one of the “The Sissy Boy Experiment,” a series about the tragic consequences of an experimental “ex-gay” therapy promoted by discredited psychologist George Rekers.

In the first episode that aired Tuesday, Anderson Cooper interviewed the family members of Kirk Murphy, who took his own life in 2003 at age 38. His concerned mother enrolled Kirk at age 5 in an experimental, government-funded program at UCLA run by Rekers, who attempted to “change” the behavior of young boys perceived to be effeminate.

His siblings describe a horrifying daily routine overseen by Rekers to punish Kirk, known as “Kraig” in therapy documents, when he behaved in a perceived effeminate way, and to reward him when he behaved in ways perceived to be masculine. via Advocate

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