Eugene and Jonnie: Support Great Charities, Buy Great T-shirts; I AM A MAN / WOMAN WHO LOVES…

by Accidental Bear

Support Great Charities

For every I AM A MAN / WOMAN T-shirt sold in the month of June we will donate $5 between the It Gets Better Project in support of anti-bullying and Minnesotans United for All Families in support of marriage equality.

Customer Expectations.

The prelaunch offering of our I AM A MAN / WOMAN T-shirts will run through the end of June at which time we will send the final numbers to the screen printer. Once printed, the T-shirts will be packaged and shipped with lots of love via USPS.

Full website launch June 25th!

Directly following the pre-launch, we will be bringing you Eugene & Jonnie – offering designs every two weeks.

Eugene & Jonnie
18 N 4th Street
Suite 711
Minneapolis, MN 55401-1977

(877) 852-4777 


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