Say Hello to the Post-modern Homo; The post-mo, if You Will

by Accidental Bear

What happens to your gay identity when you venture outside of the safety net of your gayborhood or village and you iphone’s ring tone is not a Beyonce song? This article is inevitably going to ruffle some feathers, lift some skirts and smoke some dogs. Wait, what!?! I encourage passionate, heart-felt dialogue with words like, “Fuck You”, “Cunt” and “You blood fart”  left out of the discussion. AB

David, 21, High Park
“My buddies and I joke that we’re not gay, we just fuck dudes. I always enjoy people’s accusation that ‘You can’t be gay’ because of my appearance, my tastes (in music, wardrobe, etc.) and my personality. [There’s this] idea that all gay guys like pop music and bad denim from Guess, and talk like a lame, effeminate caricature of homosexuality.”


Dawn of a new gay

Why you won’t find the younger generation partying in the Village or plastering rainbows on their bumpers.

When Carl Wittman, the American writer and activist, wrote A Gay Manifesto in 1970, it galvanized the gay liberation movement. The document was a ballsy critique of homophobia in North America, but also an unrepentant plea for courage and change within the community itself, proclaiming, “A large part of our oppression would end if we would stop putting ourselves and our pride down.”


Phil, 23, Waterfront
“I lived in the Church Wellesley Village during my first year at Ryerson, but never went out socially in the neighbourhood. I do have friends that actively go out on Church Street—they enjoy the clubs and bars. I prefer to explore other parts of the city. I don’t need to be in a gay-specific area to have fun and dance.”


Forty years after the Manifesto and the infamous Stonewall Riots in New York City, a new generation of twentysomething urban gays—my generation—has the freedom to live exactly the way we want. We have our university degrees, homes and careers. In Toronto, we’ve abandoned the Church Wellesley Village. We’re tattooed and pierced and at the helm of billion-dollar industries like fashion and television. We vacation with our boyfriends in fabulously rustic country homes that belong to our parents, who don’t mind us coming to stay as a couple. Hell, we even marry our boyfriends, if we choose to, on rooftops overlooking Queen West. Our sexual orientation is merely secondary to our place in society. We don’t need to categorize or define ourselves as gay, and who we sleep with—mostly men and, hey, sometimes women—isn’t even much of a topic of conversation anymore. The efforts of Wittman and his peers produced a whole new type of gay. Say hello to the post-modern homo. The post-mo, if you will.


2 Comments to “Say Hello to the Post-modern Homo; The post-mo, if You Will”

  1. Its pretty ignorant to think just because you don’t like pop music you’re detached from the gay community. You can be detached from certain cultural artifacts of a community while still being thoroughly invested in a community’s purpose. As long as discrimination issues continually make the news, these guys are only understanding 1/2 of the purpose of being here on earth. The other 1/2 of the equation is helping others in the community no matter how detached they feel from “effeminate” activities. These guys should man up and volunteer at an AIDS clinic or at least read a fucking article about the impact of discrimination and bigotry. Go volunteer at a gay youth homeless shelter instead of “exploring parts of a city.”

    These dudes are talking about how integrated they are and that’s awesome, but there are people less fortunate who are bullied, slandered and discriminated against every day. Those people need people to have someone to look up to and a strong community is paramount. These bros…suck.

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