A. Bear Readers Meet Two Jasperjohns, Two Jasperjohns Meet A. Bear Readers

by Accidental Bear

I will be talking with these two delightful, white pants wearing, bear talk lovin’, intellectual buckets of love juice soon for a full interview, so hold your breath because your cerebral cortex will be overly stimulated. Thanks and you’re welcome. Check these guys out on Tumblr in the mean time.


Hello friends! I’m a newborn TV show about two quirky brothers trying to quirk their way out of… I don’t know what I’m saying. It’s not my job to keep track of what this show is about, or who is in it or whether CAA has called today because not only have they haven’t but again it’s not my job to know any of this. I’M NOT A MARKETING DEPARTMENT! I’m just a TV show.

But I would love it if you could email me at twojasperjohns@gmail.com

…and send me letters mostly telling me I’m doing a good job because like all TV shows, I’m pretty sensitive about these things. If you have any complaints you can blame the person who made me because I didn’t choose to be born this way. This guy did:

“Two Jasperjohns was created by Vinny Lopez, who is a Senior Writer/Director of Promos at VH1 and lives in Brooklyn. You can see more of his work at vintronix.com.”

Not to call favorites, but also a shout out to the one who is not my least favorite:

“Jim Noonan is a Brooklyn-based actor who will be featured in the web-series “Bulk: The Series” this coming fall and was most recently seen as Bram Thatcher in “I Sell the Dead” with Dominic Monaghan at the Best of Slamdance Festival. Jim is Producing Artistic Director of Fabulous Productions, a Brooklyn-based theater company that most recently produced “Figgy:Genesis,” “Figgy Saves!” and “Figgy Pudding” (all starring Jim’s fierce alter-ego, New-York drag-sensation, Figgy) and is creator of Professor Figgy’s Fabulous Science Kits, for which he develops and produces educational crafting and science kits for kids and families. He is also a crafter for The Martha Stewart Show and a graduate of the Acting Program at the Yale School of Drama. Jim lives in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn with his partner Joshua Riegel.”

Anyway, as a TV show I just want to take a moment to thank some of the other people that made me, namely Jim Noonan and Ana Veselic and Mark Smith and Patrick Hosmer and Jason Frank and other good friends. Guys I look great! I feel great!

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