Handpicked News: 50,000 Gay Parents, Complaint Against Southwest, Undocumented Immigrants, Teen Gay Suicide And The X-Men On

by Accidental Bear

 HIV-Positive Chicago Man Says He Was Denied Life-Saving HIV Medication While Jailed

 California Has More Than 50,000 Gay Parents More detailed information about where the country’s gayby boom is coming from was released today by the Williams Institute, with California naturally boasting a large population — 52,530 gay parents. The institute’s numbers are based on Census information. In the survey, California reported 125,516 couples, 21% of which are raising children. That means that one of every five gay couples is parenting.                                                                                                  

Flight Attendants Consider Official Complaint Against Southwest Members of a union representing 9,400 Southwest Airlines flight attendants say they are angered and disappointed by the remarks made by a pilot who used homophobic, misogynistic, and ageist terms to refer to members of his flight crew.


Obama To Confront Two Gay Rights Factions At Thursday’s Gala NEW YORK — There are two prisms through which to view President Obama’s LGBT fundraiser on Thursday night. The first is presidential politics and, mainly, Obama’s continued evolution on gay rights. New York is poised to pass a law legalizing same-sex marriage, making the president’s reluctance to come out in favor of it (despite clear signs of support in the past) the source of obvious tension. The second, more telling prism, is the political potency of the gay rights movement itself.

Undocumented Immigrants React To Jose Antonio Vargas Revelation, ‘Come Out’ To Protest Crackdowns ATLANTA (AP) — E

ighteen-year-old Dulce Guerrero kept quiet about being an undocumented immigrant until earlier this year, when she became upset after a traffic stop that landed her mother in jail for two nights. The arrest came as Georgia lawmakers were crafting what would become one of the nation’s toughest immigration crackdowns, and Guerrero feared her mother would be deported.


Teen Gay Suicide And The X-Men On July the 20th, Marvel will be publishing a very special comic. X-Men writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie, creators of the comicPhonogram, and working together to tell a story about teenage gay suicides in the X-Men comic, Generation Hope #9. Based on recent prominent news stories, and  public awareness campaigns, Kieron Gillen finds the topic ideally suited to the X-books. He told iFanboy;

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