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June 24, 2011

Adorable Black Bear Cub Put Down Because It Was Deemed “too friendly.”

by Accidental Bear

The black bear who shot to fame online for its close encounter with a police officer has been put down.

Bad Bear News of the Day: Terra Nova National Park officials recently had to put down an adorable black bear cub because it was deemed “too friendly.”

The bear had developed a habit of approaching park visitors to beg for food. It gained Internet fame a few weeks back after it was photographed greeting Constable Suzanne Bourque who was investigating bear sighting reports. Authorities tried moving the bear to “a more isolated area,” but it came back.

According to Terra Nova’s acting director of conservation Kirby Tulk, “[t]he bears, instead of coming to the roadside to feed off their natural vegetation, become attracted to cars and humans because they learn to associate vehicles and humans with food.” Tulk said he was forced to euthanize the cub as visitors refused to heed warnings about feeding it.


June 24, 2011

Gay marriage legal in New York State after Senate passes historic bill 33-29| Liza Minnelli Brings it Home

by Accidental Bear

My birth certificate does read New York state and I’ve never been more proud. And as a gay homosexual I brought in Liza to celebrate this historic moment! A B

ALBANY – New York made history last night as the State Senate voted “aye” on gay marriage.

Senators passed the bill 33 to 29 as the normally somnolent chambers erupted in a raucous chant of “USA! USA!”
“As I have said many times, this is a very difficult issue and it will be a vote of conscience for every member of the Senate,” said GOP Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-Nassau).

New York joined ConnecticutMassachusettsVermontNew HampshireIowa and Washington, D.C., in legally recognizing gay marriage.

“I’m verklempt,” said a nervously optimistic Assemblyman Matthew Titone (D-S.I), one of five openly gay state lawmakers prior to the vote. “I’m still in a state of disbelief.”

The Assembly passed the bill last week for the fourth time since 2007.


June 24, 2011

All Eyes on Adam Boehmer: Major Crush of the Right Now (Beard Alert)

by Accidental Bear


An avid jazz dancer for over a decade, Adam invokes the spirit within.  He is often sought after as an entertaining instructor and performer, or sometimes just to show up; his positive energy is relentless.

As a teacher, he presents an honest and fresh perspective on dance and boils down advanced concepts into graspable, concrete information. He believes that a good instructor is one-part dancer, one-part comedian and one-part poetAs a competitor and performer, he brings a jovial and effervescent feel to the floor. Confident in Jazz Dance as a path to one’s overall individualism, Adam stresses the break-down of preconceived notions concerning style, culture, and gender roles in dance.

Learn more about Adam

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June 24, 2011

Pride Steps

by Accidental Bear

(via myriadsofmoods)

June 24, 2011

Hand Picked News:

by Accidental Bear

Martina Navratilova urges gay athletes to come out Wimbledon champion and equality advocate Martina Navratilova has urged more gay athletes to come out. The move comes after Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed hundreds of gay community leaders to 10 Downing Street for an annual equality reception.  In a personalised message of support to Cameron, she said transparency in sport is vital. “Homophobia and transphobia in sports are problems that we need to give a lot more work and attention to eliminate. Fortunately (for me unfortunately), the UK is way ahead of the US in tackling these issues.

Gays Get a Free Grande! In response to a Southwest pilot bemoaning all the “gays, grannies, and grandes” on his flights, Starbucks is offering a promotion to gays, grannies, and gay grannies — well, at least according to Conan O’Brien. O’Brien ran a skit on his TBS talk show featuring a Starbucks executive offering a drink promotion to those included in the Southwest pilot’s rant (watch below). A flight attendants’ union is considering an official complaint against the pilot for his homophobic, sexist, and ageist speech.

Video Content Flag Watch Live Video Feed from N.Y. Senate

D.A. to Refile Hate Charges in S.F. Transgender Attack

Video Content Flag Is This What “Neutral” Looks Like to Target?

Study Reveals Why People Who Grew Up in Cities Are Crazy  Everyone has always known that living in a bustling metropolis like New York City will make you a psycho, fast. That’s why everyone with the means gets the fuck out as soon as they have kids. They’d feel guilty if they didn’t even give the kids a chanceto be normal, for a while. Now this laughable generalization has been confirmed by urban living mind scientists, or whatever they are! They found that the more urban the place you grew up in, the more enraged you get when someone is getting on your nerves. Which, in a city, is always.

Peter Falk, ‘Columbo’ Star, Dies At 83

Americans Work Less Than Four Hours Per Day, Survey Finds The survey, released by the Labor Department on Wednesday, found that the average American over the age of 15 only spent around 3 hours and 58 minutes working on weekdays in 2010. That’s 26 fewer minutes spent working than in 2007, according to the Wall Street Journal, who cites the recession, particularly higher unemployment and cuts in hours, as the reason for the slide. If only counting days people work, that number jumps to 7.5 hours.

Winklevoss Twins Sue Facebook In Boston Court–A Day After Dropping Supreme Court Appeal (Reuters) – Olympic rowing twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are pushing ahead with another suit against Facebook, a day after they decided not to appeal a U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding their $65 million settlement with Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg. In a status report filed on Thursday with the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts, the twins and their business partner, Divya Narendra, said they would move the court for discovery on whether Facebook “intentionally or inadvertently suppressed evidence” during settlement proceedings over claims that Zuckerberg stole their idea for a college social networking website.

June 24, 2011

Hair Ball of the Day : Artist Parker Tilghman

by Accidental Bear


June 24, 2011

Fur Pride: Furries Descend on Pittsburgh for Fur Suit Festival

by Accidental Bear

Pink, purple, stuffed or packing Furries are a real life phenomenon that I will never understand. I want to pet them not stick my man parts in their cut out plush stuffing holes. Puppy pile anyone? I see this more as an art form more than a life style. But then again I’m not a Furrie.

via Gawker

— Thousands of furries descend on Pittsburgh this weekend, for the sixth annual Anthrocon, America’s foremost convention for “anthropomorphics,” commonly known as “furries.” Participants are already wandering the streets of Steel City, wearing costumes and carrying puppets, posing for pictures with locals, going to raves, and singing “furraoke” while boozing at local bars.

  • This must be confusing for the children of Pittsburgh.
  • Furries are expected to spend $5.3 million in four days at the festival, which makes them pretty popular in the economically depressed city. Here are some locals talking about furries:
  • “We love furries,” [sandwich shop owner Cory Robinson] said. “They’re just people having fun, and they don’t hurt anybody.” —Sandwich shop owner Cory Robinson
  • “They love caffeine. We’re prepared. We know what they want.” —Gift shop ownerTracy Luskovich, gesturing to stockpiles of Mountain Dew
  • “More fun than the NRA.” —Beaver County Times columnist Michael Pound
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June 24, 2011

Trans March to Kick off SF Gay Gay Gay Pride 2011

by Accidental Bear

My brothers milkman’s sister’s cousin’s grocer is a FTM…. this qualifies me to march and party like it’s 1999 (wait, what!?!) Pride comes in all colors purple, burnt umber, blanched almond and my favorite color, camel. Rock out with our cock out, sorry mom.

Trans March 2011

Dolores Park

San Francisco, CA 941

 [vimeo 25289627 w=400 h=225]
 June 24, 2011, 3:30pm

In Honor of the 45th Anniversary of the Compton’s Cafeteria Riots:
Serving Up Human Rights Since 1966

See & Be Seen @ Dolores Park 3:30 – 6:30
March to UN Plaza @ 6:30

June 24, 2011

Junya Watanabe Spring/Summer 2012 Runway: Raggedy Anne- Boys

by Accidental Bear

Grass  path runways carry these boy ragamuffins across the lawn sporting what appears to be a cross of Huck Finn meets rag doll meets the scare crow from the Wizard of OZ. GQ has the looks from Watanabe’s latest collection and put them on the lawn. This collection will find success as a pick and choose game. As a head to toe look, it is over kill, but piece by piece two thumbs up. Bring it on boy rag doll!

June 24, 2011

Facts about Sex from A Heterosexual Point of View| Appealing Chart, I like Pictures

by Accidental Bear


Here it is, all laid out on the line for you with easy to read pictures; dirty talk, dirty sanchez, sex myths and armpit sex!

June 24, 2011

It Gets Better – LGBT Netroots Nation 2011 |Video

by Accidental Bear

It Gets Better – LGBT Netroots Nation 2011

Finally, this is the “It Gets Better” video we recorded at Netroots Nation 2011 in Minneapolis. LGBT online activists, bloggers, writers, thinkers, organizers, we all got together to create this video with a message to young LGBT people who feel sad, alone or depressed about their sexuality and their future.

If you have any questions about this campaign, please check out the It Gets Better Project website:

If you feel alone, you need help or you are considering suicide, please call 24-hour confidential:


June 24, 2011

Want Some Candy My “Beautiful Darling” |Castro Theater 6/30 SF CA

by Accidental Bear

DIRECTOR James Rasin
PRODUCER Jeremiah Newton
WRITTEN BY James Rasin
EDITOR Zac Stuart-Pontier


Beautiful Darling chronicles the short but influential life of Candy Darling who was a major part of Andy Warhol’s entourage and was one of the inspirations for the Lou Reed song “Walk on the Wild Side.”

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June 24, 2011

Pride Weekend Warm up: Cubby does Run The World (Girls)

by Accidental Bear


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