Adorable Black Bear Cub Put Down Because It Was Deemed “too friendly.”

by Accidental Bear

The black bear who shot to fame online for its close encounter with a police officer has been put down.

Bad Bear News of the Day: Terra Nova National Park officials recently had to put down an adorable black bear cub because it was deemed “too friendly.”

The bear had developed a habit of approaching park visitors to beg for food. It gained Internet fame a few weeks back after it was photographed greeting Constable Suzanne Bourque who was investigating bear sighting reports. Authorities tried moving the bear to “a more isolated area,” but it came back.

According to Terra Nova’s acting director of conservation Kirby Tulk, “[t]he bears, instead of coming to the roadside to feed off their natural vegetation, become attracted to cars and humans because they learn to associate vehicles and humans with food.” Tulk said he was forced to euthanize the cub as visitors refused to heed warnings about feeding it.



4 Comments to “Adorable Black Bear Cub Put Down Because It Was Deemed “too friendly.””

  1. this is so sad, why not move the little guy to a zoo where he’d be able to inspire and teach people. It’s this kind of thing that makes be doubt human compassion and aptitude.

  2. Putting down any animal that poses no threat is FUCKED UP! The authorities in my opinion did not try hard enough to find an alternate means for removing the bear.

  3. Hello, I live in Newfoundland and can explain a little bit why they put this poor thing down.

    Tourists and regulars of the park were feeding it to the point where it did not learn how to forage for food, they tried to put it back with its mother but it kept coming back, due to all the people feeding it.

    Honestly, if there is any better way of making people stop feeding wild animals, this is the best route

  4. The truth is sad sometimes. Overall this is a human fuck up.

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