Accidental Bear Exchanges Words with the Two Jasperjohns | Video Q&A

by Accidental Bear

Just in time for the hugely anticipated (by me) 3rd webisode “White Pants: Three” by The Two Jasperjohns, I don’t sit down with, but exchange words via the world wide web with Jim Noonan and Vinny Lopez. This starts off what we here at Accidental Bear will be calling Interviews on a Budget Series. We are poor but proud, proud but penniless. Coming across The Two Jasperjohns has given my summer meaning and feeds my void now that I have finally burnt out on Strangers with Candy for the 5th year in a row on loop-repeat; The Two Jasperjohns fill this space well with some added scruff. I am glad to catch these men before they get on a rocket to the top and the start living the good life (cocaine, strippers and beer). They filmed interview questions during their wrap party for finishing White Pants: Three. Champagne, Beards and good company equals good times.

In a world where slapping a label on yourself in hopes to find your place within our community is common, these guys are able to have fun playing with stereotypes and keep things light, leaving pretension at the door. Thanks for playing men!

Accidental Bear Interviews Two Jasperjohns

Two Jasperjohns: White Pants, Three

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