Non-intelectual Summer Reading ‘Wrestling the Hulk’ : No Brain Required

by Accidental Bear

As a young man I was obsessed with Hulk Hogan for a selected period of my youth. Growing up in a litter of 4 brothers our bedrooms were often turned into WWF platforms. I even cuddled my 12″ tall Hulk Hogan-strechy doll to sleep at night. Little did I know at that moment he was my daddy figure. Some of us, with Hogan always on our radar were slightly embarrassed when we saw his family public shame produced in form of a reality show. We were also shocked to see his family life come tumbling down and hit rock bottom. His ex-wife  Linda Hogan picks up the pieces and moves on with her life and is trying to make some money in a tell all book. I am embarrassed to say that I am intrigued. This will be one of my guilty pleasures of the summer.

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