Accidental B. Gets a Piece of Johnny Evil the Vocalist for Le Panique Before EP Release Party on 7/2 | SF CA

by Accidental Bear

Johnny Evil Vocalist for Le Panique

I plucked lead singer Johnny Evil out of his warp speed as he and his band Le Panique prepare for thier EP release party this Saturday at the cafe Du Nord in San Francisco, CA. I applied a head lock and started to ask questions. This may sound rough, but in preparation for interview I blasted Le Panique through my house (and building) to set the mood. A minute into the first song, my heart beat rose and I was amped and bumping into furniture as if in a flashback to my mosh pit days. Johnny seems to be living and breathing his musical passion. On his plate he runs a live show booking/production company called Evil Live Productions, plays 13 different instruments and involved as Artist Manager/Site Administrator for music site

Le Panique  has been tagged as dance and punk at the same and I had to have this explained or I threatened Evil with a wedgy. Johnny Evil says, “We take the energy and aggression of punk and mix it in with beats and grooves you can dance your ass off to.” Come see for yourself and  I’ll buy you a free glass of water.

EP release show for Le Panique is at Cafe du Nord Saturday July 2nd

Accidental Bear: Here are some of my first date questions for you. How do your pronounce Le Panique? 

Johnny Evil: It’s a french translation of “The Panic”. So: Lay Pan-eek

A B: How long has the band been together and how did all come to meet?

J. Evil: We’ve only been a band for about 6 months, I met Devin, the bass player and main composer, through Craigslist. Craigstlist: not just for anonymous sex! Our drummer, Marlene, was in my previous band, Box Squad before we disbanded.

A B: What are some of your musical influences past and present?

J. Evil: The Misfits, first and foremost. AFI, Alexisonfire, A Day To Remember, I Set My Friends On Fire, and a lot of thrash metal. I was a total metalhead as a kid.

A B: You said you played 13 instruments, WOW. What are a few of them? I only play the skin flute myself.

J. Evil: Drums, bass, guitar, piano, violin, viola, cello, just to name a few…

A B: Tell me about the song “All you need is a fuck”  on the new EP. It’s got quite a ring to it.

J. Evil: It was actually the first song Devin and I wrote. The lyrics are actually inspired by a dream I had. It was in animated graphite pencil, a la A-Ha‘s “Take On Me” video… but it was a sex dream. When the dream ended, I woke up and immediately typed the first line of the song into my phone. “I dream in sexually-charged graphite, flying through astral planes at the speed of light.”

A B:  Do you have any pre-show rituals? Like gargling oil, killing  live chickens etc.

J. Evil: If I told you I’d have to kill you.

A B: So many performers these days along with the music give quite a theatrical show. What can we expect from your live show? Gratuitous nudity perhaps?

J. Evil: Plenty of gratuitous nudity, sacrifice of live virgins, speaking in tongues… y’know, a regular Sunday night.

A B: Le Panique has been tagged as punk and dance, explain? I know people who would argue that they are complete opposite.

J. Evil: We take the energy and aggression of punk and mix it in with beats and grooves you can dance your ass off to.

A B: Who do you think would be more difficult to date a bartender or a rock star?

J. Evil: I’ve been both at the same time, so ask my husband. 😉 Honestly I would probably say rock star, because of the amount of travel that’s involved… but hopefully we’ll “make it” enough so I can take him on tour with me. Can’t live without my boo!

A B: Your EP release party is this coming Saturday at Cafe Du Nord. I love that space because it feels like someones dingy basement with cool deocr. What are your hopes for Saturday night?

J. Evil: It seems it’s going to be a sell-out show, actually. There’s going to be a lot of important people there to check us out, as well as a lot of good friends. Very happy that our good friend Jamie McMann from MOTOR Studios (owned by Fat Mike of punk legends NOFX), the recording engineer on our EP, will be there.

A B: What does the future hold for you and Le Panique?

J. Evil: The sky’s the limit. I have a lot of connections within the music industry that I’ve worked very hard to build over the years, and I’ve pulled every single string that I have available to me for this band, so I’m determined to make something of this project. Rise or die trying.

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