LaBruce Talks to Press at Frameline 35 | SF CA

by Accidental Bear

 Bruce LaBruce was one of my personal most scary interviews because I admire the man, his work and his ability to stay out of the box but mostly his sense of mystery. I really believe he could be an out-of-this-world character from one of his films. I enjoy reading other writers who have played with Bruce and the outcome  that comes to print. The B.A.R. sends out their troupes with some amazing results. AB

(via B.A.R.)

Hands down, the man at Frameline 35 was underground auteur Bruce LaBruce. From the documentary about him directed by Angelique Bosio, The Advocate for Fagdom, to LaBruce’s color-drenched, blood-soaked, sex saga of a zombie on the lurch L.A. Zombie, he covers the waterfront. Photojournalist Cornelius Washington gave LaBruce the twice-over at the Victoria Theatre and the 45th anniversary party of the legendary bar The Stud.

Cornelius Washington: Your images and Joe Castro‘s have been featured in David Leddick’s coffee-table books on the male nude. David was the international creative director of Revlon and L’Oreal, and he wants to know, how did you two hook up? He was very impressed by the quality of the make-up.

Bruce LaBruce: Joe is one of the primary reasons I did the film. He came to one of my premieres, where he told me that he was a make-up artist and special-effects creator for a straight porn horror film. I was thrilled to work with him. He has a mastery of make-up, where everything looked beautiful without the use of PhotoShop or image manipulation.

What is your favorite sexual fantasy?

Hmmm. Oh Jesus, sex with Jesus!

Why is your first name also your last name?

I wanted to create a name that was both memorable and repetitive.

Like fashion photographer Horst P. Horst?

Like Rod LaRoque.

Porn star Adam Killian said that he loved working with you, and he wants to know if you’d book him again.

Oh, definitely. He and the other three guys with whom he had sex are the biggest guys in the porn industry, and the funny thing is, when they were booked for the movie, for some bizarre reason, they thought that they were all going to have non-sexual roles, so when they arrived on set and found out that I did want them to have sex with each other, they were all jumping onto their cell phones to call their respective porn studios, to see if they could do the film. Once the studios found out that I was directing the film, everything was fine. I’m always torn about whether I will do another porn movie, but if I do, it’ll be about L.A. street gangs. I’ll have Adam play a top!

Adam will soon direct his first porn film. Baby, will you give him some advice?

Yeah, tell him to go to the fountain. Tell him he’s doing the film for the whole world, not just America, so get the hottest, most diverse group of men, have a lot of passion and kissing, and then, really go for the cum shots.

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