Handpicked News: Justin Timberlake, Chinese LGBT Groups, R.I. Bishop, Facebook At Work

by Accidental Bear

Having a Speech Impediment Could Get You Tasered in Ohio Town Though proven to be an effective and totally safe way to subdue“disrespectful” youths, Tasering might not always be appropriate—for example, when the youth in question is disabled and maybe not trying to be disrespectful at all. Just a thought!

MySpace’s New Owner: ‘Justin Timberlake Has Too Many Good Ideas To Be At Facebook Shortly after picking up MySpace from News Corp. for $35 million on Wednesday, Specific Media said that it was bringing on Justin Timberlake to serve as the site’s creative director.

Chinese LGBT Groups Protest Online Censorship  The Chinese social networking website Douban may be waning in popularity with LGBT people due to apparent censorship, Time’s Jessie Jiang  reports.

R.I. Bishop: Civil Unions Are a“Mockery” of Marriage  Roman Catholic bishop Thomas J. Tobin of Rhode Island has called civil unions a “mockery of the institution of marriage” and warned that Catholics may not join in such unions. “Because civil unions promote an unacceptable lifestyle, undermine the faith of the Church on holy matrimony and cause scandal and confusion, Catholics may not participate in civil unions,” Bishop Tobin said in a Thursday statement,TheProvidence Journal  reports. “To do so is a very grave violation of the moral law and, thus, seriously sinful. A civil union can never be accepted as a legitimate alternative to matrimony.”

Challenger Attacks Houston Mayor’s “Homosexual Agenda” The businessman challenging Houston mayor Annise Parker’s reelection said the mayor was using her sexual orientation to promote “a homosexual agenda.”

Gmail’s Getting A Fresh New Look  Gmail’s getting a makeover. According to a post on the Gmail Blog, Google’s popular email service will soon roll out updates to the Gmail interface that are designed to streamline the appearance of the tool to make it easier for users to manage their mail.

Google Said To Be In Talks To Buy Hulu Google is reportedly in talks to purchase Hulu, the online video site, according to the L.A. Times. Hulu began to weigh options regarding a sale after an unsolicited offer last week, though it might not necessarily sell itself. It was earlier reported thatYahoo had approached Hulu, but that rumor has been all but discredited.

How To Secretly Read Facebook At Work It’s Murphy’s Law: The minute you load Facebook on your work browser, your boss will visit your desk to see what you’re up to and you’ll surely be cemented in his or her mind as a lazy, social-network obsessed young thing.

Jon Stewart: Halperin Gaffe ‘One Of The Greatest Things I’ve Ever Seen’ Jon Stewart spent the first part of Thursday night’s “Daily Show” addressing the week’s second-biggest media story (after Glenn Beck’s last hurrah, of course): Mark Halperin calling the President of the United States “a d*ck” on national TV.

Music Break | Weird Al Yankovic “Another Tattoo”


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