I Heart Men that Can Read: Has Amazon Killed Book Stores?

by Accidental Bear

There are a variety of gay books stores but what we are talking about here are the ones with out sticky movie booths in the back with convenient holes cute out the walls at waist height. What do we lose if all store front book stores close? Is it a decline in our  community, a social place to meet, browse and cruise that doesn’t involved brain thumping terrible dance remixes of remixes of really bad songs and booze. I believe these staples in out community should be saved and kept alive. AB

Reading is Fundamental Say’s Advocate Magazine

While gay literature thrives in some quarters, another venerable gay bookstore closes; is it as simple as blaming Amazon?

Reacting to news in April that San Francisco’s 32-year-old A Different Light bookstore would be shuttering in the spring, writer Thomas Roche contemplated the reasons for the closure in the S.F. Appeal. Was it the switch to e-books and Amazon.com? The mainstreaming of LGBT literature? An overall exhaustion with gay themes? It’s all of the above, Roche surmised in the Appeal, which, ironically, is an online-only publication. Read More

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