Man Admits Stabbing Lesbian Couple – “God Made Him Do It”

by Accidental Bear

God made me do it is the same as insanity defense. God people = freakish, insecure, unstable nut-bags! AB

USAA 25-year-old man from the US has admitted stabbing a lesbian couple – but claims God made him do it.
Seattle resident Isaiah Kalebu is on trial for the brutal attack which happened almost two years ago, causing one of the women to die as a result of her injuries.
Kalebu, who admitted to jurors that he was there on the night of the murder, is alleged to have broke into the home of Teresa Butz and her partner through an open window on 19 July 2009.

He told Seattle’s King County Superior Court: “I was there and I was told by my God; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to attack enemies.  I followed the instructions by God.”

Kalebu faces 25 years imprisonment, without the possibility of parole. He is being charged with aggravated murder, attempted murder, rape and burglary.

Despite Kalebu having a history of mental illness he is not using a defence of mental incompetence, meaning prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty.

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