Handpicked Headlines: Gay Professors, Rudy Giuliani, Snoopiest Governments

by Accidental Bear

The 11 Snoopiest Governments, According To Google

Google Transparency Report 2011

Texas Coffee Shop Profits After Tweeting Homophobically Just after New York approved same-sex marriage, the Brown Coffee Company of San Antonio, Texas (does Texas allow same-sex marriage?) posted a Twitter that seemed not-so-coincidentally homophobic. People got mad, so Brown’s clowns took that Twitter down and apologized. But they weren’t sorry for long (ka-ching)!

College Kids Think Gay Professors Are All Biased  College students: will they ever be able to judge political bias with any accuracy? No, they haven’t even decided whether Ayn Rand or Chinua Achebe is cooler yet! So it’s no surprise they think every gay teacher is biased. Yeah, with gay bias. A new study found that students at the University of Houston (Clarification: The University of Houston-Downtown, which is a separate school, we’re told)—presented with only a syllabus and a professor’s bio—said that gay professors were politically biased, based only on the fact that they were gay.

Having Reneged on Three Straight Marriages, Rudy Giuliani Ruins His First Gay One  Never believe anything Rudy Giuliani tells you about marriage. “I do”? Bullshit. “To have and to hold”? Lie. “I promise to preside over the wedding of my two good gay friends as soon as marriage is legal in New York”? Take a guess.

LGBT Gathering Marks Anniversary in India Activists held a colorful rally Saturday in New Delhi to celebrate the second anniversary of a court decision striking down a law against gay sex and to push for further progress on LGBT rights.

Michael Bay Transformers 3 ClipsAnti-Abortion Activist Found Guilty Of Stalking Doctor

Gag Order Issued In Case Of Boy Locked In Cage, Beaten To Death

WATCH: Clips From Old Movie UsedIn Transformers 3?

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