Catching Up with the Decorated Artist/ Actor/ Model Trevor Wayne| Q&A

by Accidental Bear

You may recognize Trevor Wayne from when he first landed in LA from Chicago and quickly got swiped up by hot-shot networks wanting him for TV pilots including “a role on “ER”. After that TV pilots seemed to be the thing. He has acted along side Fran Drescher and Roseanna Arquette on shows. Enrique Iglesias, Pink, and others in various music videos. His venture into the web came from director John Roecker (“Live Freaky, Die Freaky”, and “Heart Like A Hand Grenade”: The Green Day documentary) in a series called “Sevengali”, acting along side Tim Armstrong (of the band Rancid). Trevor’s latest role is in Bruce LaBruce’s film “L.A.Zombie”. A few other projects are in the works.”


Lately he has been fastidiously putting together 8 uncensored pinup postcards along with the mag that started it Pinups! The mag won’t be reprinted and many of the pics, including Clive Barker’s photos, won’t make it to the postcard series. On August 5th Trevor will be having an opening reception party at The Coffee Table in Silverlake to celebrate his artwork being hung there for the month. For those of you that won’t be able to make it in person, check out how to get prints here: http://trevorwayne.bigcartel.c​om/. Feature above are 4 prints that are available. LOVE!

Q & A: First Date Questions

Accidental Bear: Where did you grow up?

Trevor Wayne: I grew up all over the midwest.. from blueberry farms in Michigan,, to
farms in Indiana and Chicago.

A B: Were you a wild teenager or a book-worm?

Trevor: I was a nerd: video games and comic books. Not much else to do in the country!
A B:  Tell us about your 1st tattoo and one your would erase if you could. Drunk/sober

Trevor: My first tattoo was a birthday present by a friend. It was a spontaneous thing. I hadn’t really considered getting a tattoo before
we were just driving by a shop and he offered!
A B: You have dipped your toes in the water as Actor/Model/Artist? Does one  profession scream out as your obvious favorite above the rest?

Trevor: Not really. They are so different. With acting I get to be more outgoing, and with artwork I get very mellow.
A B: Was your plan when you moved to LA to pursue acting?

Trevor: Yah. I had done some small stuff in NYC by chance and really liked it. I also needed to be somewhere where I could tolerate the weather!
A B: You recently worked with the amazing and eccentric Bruce LaBruce on L.A. Zombie. How was that experience for you?

Trevor: I wish I had a great story but I was only there one day. I pretty much stayed out-of-the-way. My scene was fun because we only could do one
take with all the blood being thrown on us! I love Bruce though!
A B:  I have yet to get my hands on  the mini-mag called “Pin-Up Show”. There is a list of amazing artists featured. Were you all shot on the same day?

Trevor: No, it was all shot over the course of a few years. I put it together to showcase some of the work I had done with these great people. I have decided to turn “Pin-Up Show” into a series of postcards instead. Its fun, and kitsch, the way pin up should be. It is also easier to make the postcard sets an ongoing series. Once the mag sells out I won’t be printing another.
A B: I am totally a homo but would love to see you make out with pin-up goddess Dita Von Teese. Is that wrong of me?

Trevor: I love Dita. I could never make out with her. That would be like defiling a goddess!
A B: What are some things you have on the horizon that we can look forward see you in?

Trevor: I don’t have anything set in stone just yet. There are a few things being talked about. I have focused so much on just getting my artwork
and “Pin-Up Show” mags and postcards out there, that I have kind of neglected acting a little.

A B:  What is your first reaction when I say the word fudge?

Trevor: That I want some!

A B: What is something about you that no one would ever guess? Good old fashion dirty secret?

Trevor: That is really hard since I have no secrets. 

A B: If you were given 1,000 dollars and had to spend it on someone else in 10 minutes, how would that play out?

Trevor: I would fly my best friends into town!
A B: You recently finished a photo shoot at nudist resort in San Diego? Have you spent time in or around nudist communities before? Lots of sagging? Lots of stallions? 

Trevor: I have been to a few nudist places.. There are all types of bodies. You don’t notice after a while. It is really freeing and all your insecurities disappear.
A B: Are you much for politics? Your brief thoughts on gay marriage?

Trevor: I’m not into politics at all. That is something I completely don’t
understand. I also don’t trust any single news source or politician.
A B:  Where are you living these days?

Trevor: Hollywood, CA
A B:  If you could change some things about Hollywood, what would they be?

Trevor: I would put a Taco Bell closer to my place! I also would make it more
bike friendly.

A B: Have you spent any time in San Francisco?

Trevor: I’ve been there a few times. It’s not really for me, but I have fun when I go!

A B: Last but not least any message you would like to get out to the youth of today? They will be in charge one day after all (teeth

Trevor: Stop watching terrible reality shows!!!!

More Trevor:

Trevor on Facebook

3 Comments to “Catching Up with the Decorated Artist/ Actor/ Model Trevor Wayne| Q&A”

  1. This guy is so real, so nice. We’ve spent hours just chatting on Facebook. He’s not a Diva, he’s an artist, and a hell of a good one. Congratulations on everything you get, you deserve it.

  2. That is what I got as well as we spoke for the interview! Quite the babe.

  3. He does sound lovely.
    I’m just curious though, is Mr. Wayne gay?

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