Brooks Select Organic Leather Saddles

by Accidental Bear

I am mostly concerned with a seat the doesn’t squish my taint and make my balls fall asleep. Know what I mean men? 

Brooks Select Organic Leather Saddles

They’re pushing the Brooks Select for “high mileage” cyclists. I have to admit my eight year old B17 Special is a bit soft even after a lacing, so it would seem that the new Brooks Select line, made from organic raised “natural paced” cow leather would do the trick. Brooks says their Select line is more durable and stiff due to the nature of the leather. That means longer break-in time, but even more years of use. Hand stamped copper rivets are found on all Select saddles. The complete line is avaiable in the new leather from the Sparrow, B17, to the spring varieties. (Selectism)

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