Big Brother 13’s Jeff Schroeder Homophobic Rant Over Dumbledore

by Accidental Bear

Damn you Jeff. In order to make this rant I need to admit to watching Big Brother (Wow, I feel better, you know, first step to recovery and all, admitting). I have grown a super crush on Jeff Schroeder a contestant on reality tv show Big Brother. In my mind Jeff, my boyfriend and I have all held hands on a romantic picnic, oh and his fiancee Jordan is there, serving us egg salad sandwiches, pickles and Orange Crush Soda (My dream, not your!) So, to my surprise I now find out he’s a homophobic scumbag, allegedly. Jeff I still want to see naked Polaroids of you but you’re an ass (until proven otherwise). turned us on to the transcript of his rant.

In the HOH; Jeff says if he’s around when Harry Potter is being played, it makes him want to nap. Jordan says the story about it is cool… how the lady wrote it on a train.. she was poor and sat on a train and wrote the story. Those in the HOH argue about whether Rowling was poor.

Kalia says she was totally poor and wrote the book to make money and to entertain her kids. Then Rachel starts to talk about Hagrid and Dumledore. Kalia says that Rowling wrote the Dumbledore character as a gay character originally. Everyone in HOH is surprised by this.

Read more at ONTD:

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