Handpicked News 7/15: Dalai Lama White House, Apple Follow Microsoft, Janeane Garofalo, ‘Carmageddon’

by Accidental Bear

CarmageddonCarmageddon‘ Could Curb Carbon Dioxide Emissions — Or Cause Them To Climb On an average July weekend, 500,000 cars drive on I-405 in the Sepulveda Pass. But this is no average weekend: Carmageddon has descended on Los Angeles. The big question is just how bad it will get — particularly whether spooked Angelenos will stay off the highways and keep to their own neighborhoods, or perhaps take buses and subways instead. If that happens, maybe this weekend’s repair work could help avert climate catastrophe. HuffPost asked experts at University of California, Berkeley for some back-of-the-envelope calculations on what it could all mean for California’s carbon emissions.

Dalai Lama White House Visit: Barack Obama Invites Spiritual Leader For Saturday Meeting

Dalai Lama WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has invited the Dalai Lama to the White House Saturday, making time for the Tibetan spiritual leader who is in Washington for an 11-day Buddhist ritual.The president last met with the Nobel Peace laureate in February 2010, infuriating Chinese officials. China accuses the Dalai Lama of pushing for Tibetan independence.

APPLE MONEY CASH FUND RAISING X390 (PHOTOS) | ADVOCATE.COMWill Apple Follow Microsoft in Pulling Out of Christian Values Network? Hours after being named in a petition on Change.org, software giant Microsoft removed their online store from a referral service that funds alleged hate groups. Started by Seattle resident Stuart Wilber, the petitionclaims that dozens of LGBT-friendly companies — including Apple, Dell, and Netflix — are unknowingly supporting alleged hate groups through the Christian Values Network (CVN), a link referral service that donates money to more than 170,000 charities.

Janeane Garofalo Compares Marcus Bachmann to Roy Cohn Garofalo says MarcusJANEANE GAROFALO X390 (CURRENT TV GRAB) | ADVOCATE.COM
Bachmann “seems very gay” to her but hastens to add that’s not a criticism and she’s certain the “gay community would not like to claim him as one of their own.” She goes on to say that he, like many people who are vehemently antigay, seems to be dealing with “personal demons.” She likens Bachmann to Cohn, saying “going after whatever your inner demon is and then the whole culture is dragged down with you.” Olbermann adds Haggard’s name as apt comparison and Garofalo agrees.

Eight Glasses of Water a Day Is ‘Nonsense’Are you one of millions of Americans who looks down with pride at the powerful 

stream of colorless, translucent fluid flowing out of your body every time your empty your bladder? Who takes great personal satisfaction in knowing you’ve downed enough bottled water in a single day to satisfy the hydration needs of your average circus elephant? Well, a new study suggests you might be wasting your time. More »

 Marcus Bachmann: Conversion Therapy Used ‘At the Client’s Discretion’  Marcus Bachmann defended his Christian counseling group in aninterview published Friday by the Minneapolis-Star Tribune. He denied that the family-run business has an antigay agenda — even if so-called reparative therapy is an option for clients. “Is it a remedy form that I typically would use? … It is at the client’s discretion,” Bachmann said when asked by the newspaper about use of the thoroughly discredited therapy form at his clinics. “We don’t have an agenda or a philosophy of trying to change someone.”

 U.S. Noose Tightening Around Murdoch 

WATCH: Bachmann’s Gay Stepsister Attended Obama’s Inauguration Salon.com’s Natasha Lennard has unearthed footage ofHelen Lafave
Helen LaFave, Michele Bachmann’s openly gay stepsister, being interviewed following President Barack Obama’s January 2009 Inauguration
LaFave is featured in the clip with Nia Wronski, whom The Daily Beast reports is her partner of 15 years.                                                          

Stewart Bachmann Seinfeld
Jon Stewart Mocks Marcus Bachmann
, Gets Help From Jerry Seinfeld With ‘Comedy Repression Therapy’ (VIDEO) Comedians are obviously starting to take note of Michele Bachmann’s husband Dr. Marcus Bachmann and his controversial gay repression therapy clinic. As Jon Stewart proved on Wednesday night’s “Daily Show,” it’s just too easy to associate the doctor’s desire to “pray the gay away” with jokes about him having a repressed sexuality. So easy, in fact, that Jerry Seinfeld had to come on the show and do a little therapy of his own to help Stewart repress hiscomedic desires.                                                                                                            

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