Beard News: Brian Wilson’s beard gets its own Topps card

by Accidental Bear


Brian Wilson. Giants closer. Guy dressed like a freak at an awards show. He’s got a few tattoos and some funky hair. And he throws a ball pretty hard. Oh yeah, he also has a beard. Wow, imagine that. A person wears a long beard. Never seen that before.

I really don’t understand why people make a big deal of Brian Wilson and his beard, but they do. And people love it. So much so, that Wilson’s beard got its own card in a Topps baseball set.

The cards are an Allen & Ginter baseball set based on tobacco cards from the 1880s. They have a few special categories, one of which is the Fabulous Face Flocculence. There are 10 cards in the group, all of which depict a classic facial hair style. Number 10 on the list is Brian Wilson’s beard, pictured at right.

Pictured below are eight of the other nine cards. They are in order: The Lincoln, The Ironing Board, The Bib, The Darwin, The Neckbeard, The Goat-Patch, Burnside’s Sideburns, Thunderchops, and The Closer. Unfortunately we couldn’t lock down a pic of No. 3, The Conscientious Objector.

Fabulous Face Flocculence Pictures 



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