Belgians Grew Beards to Protest Lack of Government: REVOLT

by Accidental Bear

Bring on the beards, bring on the revolt in Belgium. Is this a bad reason to hope the revolt drags on. Longer revolt, longer more scruffy beards. AB

Image: Belgian broadcaster for French Regional Television Nicolas Buytaers, next to a statue in the Parc Royale in Brussels, shows off his beardBRUSSELS — Some are growing beards in revolt. Artists are venting their anger on stage and students will be out in force on Sunday. Their rallying cry? A proper government and — finally — an end to seven months of negotiations mired in recrimination.

For decades, the 6 million Dutch-speaking Flemings in Belgium’s north and 4.5 million Francophones in the south have grown increasingly apart in a bipolar kingdom that has contained the seeds of division since its inception in 1830.

Politicians are trying to broker a new constitution with increased regional autonomy to reflect that reality. But the work is proving long and hard. For over 220 days, since a June 13 election, the country has been rudderless.



3 Responses to “Belgians Grew Beards to Protest Lack of Government: REVOLT”

  1. Maybe Belgium should just split like Sudan did recently? Of course this revolt feels like it’s from “An Absolut World” commercial.


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