“Barbarians” Raid Marcus Bachmann’s Office: Fab-u-lous!

by Accidental Bear

This is totally FAB! I can say that, I’m gay (did you know?)


(via www.advocate.com)

A group of glitter-wielding “barbarians” showed up this morning at one of Marcus Bachmann’s Christian counseling clinics and asked for his special form of help.

“We came to see Marcus. We need to be disciplined,” members of the group told a woman who met them in the lobby. But she wasn’t amused, not even by their barbaric headbands and leopard-print outfits.

“I’m sorry, but I do need to ask you to leave,” the woman answers in a video clip of the protest. “This is a private business.”

With that, the rowdy band of misfits glitter-bombed the office and then marched out.

“You can’t pray away the gay, baby, I was born this way!” they chanted.

Marcus Bachmann, husband of Congress member and presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann, has offered so-called reparative therapy — aimed at turning gays straight — at his clinics, and he’s said gays are “barbarians” who need to be “educated” and “disciplined.”

“We have to understand: Barbarians need to be educated,” Bachmann says in a now-infamous audio clip. “They need to be disciplined. Just because someone feels it or thinks it doesn’t mean that we are supposed to go down that road. That’s what is called the sinful nature.”

The group was led by Nick Espinosa, an activist who previously glitter-bombed Newt Gingrichto draw attention to the Republican presidential candidate’s opposition to gay rights. Other glitter-bombings have followed, targeting Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty.

“Michele and Marcus Bachmann think gay people are barbarians?” asked Espinosa. “I think it’s clear to everyone who the real barbarians are, based on the Bachmanns’ archaic views on LGBT equality.”

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