Actor Michael Cyril Creighton from the Web Sitcom Jack in a Box, is 1 Cup Uproarious, A Dash Smarts & A Splash of Sass: Interview

by Accidental Bear


This Jack in a Box is FDA approved. Michael Cyril Creighton who plays Jack in the web sitcom, harnesses the powerful health benefits of laughter and humor, and squeezes them into bite size videos. I insist on calling Micheal Creighton, Doctor, seeing that laughter studies so far have shown that laughter can help relieve pain, bring greater joy, and even increase immunity. Michael’s has extensive acting career under his belt; find details here. No, not dirty pics, his impressive resume.


Jack In A Box is an original web sitcom from actor/writer Michael Cyril Creighton. Jack was a mild-mannered young man with a BFA in acting and no life skills. He took a job at a theater box office because it didn’t involve heavy lifting, wearing a blazer or using Excel. A few years and thousands of customers later, Jack finds himself less mild-mannered and less young than ever before. Watch Jack try to manage his anger while navigating an insular universe where everyone is even more unstable than he is. Like all caged animals, he is going to throw his sh*t at you sooner or later… but first he’s going to eat a cupcake and take a phone call from his mom. Service with a smirk, that’s all you can ask for. (


Throughout our conversation, I figured out that Michael’s words looked best in purple. See what I mean.? To warm you take a gander at his latest EPISODE 23: THE DATE where Jack and Drew go on their first date. Nervous laughter, sexual tension and really terrible jokes abound. Could Jack be happy?? My bet is No.
This episode builds up to the season finale:

Q & A:

Accidental Bear:  So, a warm up question. What is one of your guilty pleasures? Like something you would do in your bedroom at 3am and then hide under your bed? (for example)

Michael Cyril Creighton: If there is salt water taffy in my apartment I will risk my life and eat it in my sleep. I also have been known to listen to a little Jennifer Lopez and dance terribly.

A B:  I want to talk about the newest episode and the awkward bar date. How would that particular scene compare with real life dating for you?

Michael C: Well, Jack is far more awkward than I am. Or at least I like to think so. Crazy people do often start conversations with me at bars or events, and I do engage them. Much more so than Jack did in that episode. Often they are old drunk ladies sitting alone at the end of a bar. I can’t get enough of them. Like Jack, my face is always warm, and my glasses do fog up sometimes. And I do know a million terrible jokes.

A B:  Do you think someone needs to go to acting school to be a good actor?

Michael C: Not at all. Personally,  I did. I needed that structure and place to explore in order to become confident in who I am as a performer and what kind of work I want to do.

A B: How were the characters in Jack in a Box spawned? 

Michael C: Most of them are from my imagination. I’ll sometimes draw inspiration from a lot of different people and put them into a certain character. But mainly,  I tend to write for specific actors and their strengths. I’m really lucky to know a lot of amazing actors, and even luckier that so many of them said “yes” to being in the series.

A B: Would you consider putting in any gratuitous nude scenes to please the masses? 

Michael C: Nope. Never. Absolutely not. A peek of chest hair is all ya get. Maybe someday I’ll show some calves. And by that, I mean small domestic cows. Tiny ones. Baby calves.

A B: What would be your worst interview ever to date (this one excluded)?

Michael C: All the ones where I have to say, “I’m an actor, but right now I really just want to focus on administrative work. I really have a passion for paperclips. I love Excel.”

A B: What are your thoughts on amputee fetish sex?

Michael C: This question has me stumped.

A B: Time to “feed” my bear, bear fans, chubby chasers etc readers. I am going to generalize but I have met a lot of NYC Bears lately and they all seem to have a touch more sophistication than I am use to in Bears. Your thought on that? East coast bears compared to west coast bears? Are there east coast bear gang signs?

Michael C: I’m not sure how to answer this because I am by no means an authority on the community (or any community for that matter). But there are some FUNDAMENTAL differences:  Here on the East Coast we eat our chicken wings with a fork and knife and only watch the very best reality TV programs. Our fart jokes always include at least three colorful adjectives. Instead of straws we use hollowed out fox bones to drink our very expensive iced coffee which is brewed with the tears of a monarch (screw water). We often choose gingham over plaid. Oh, and we all have acid reflux.  In all seriousness, I haven’t noticed a difference. I have friends from both coasts, with beards (male & female) who are equally sophisticated…or not.

A B: Ok, let talk dirty, PAUL THUREEN (Drew) who appears in Episodes: 20, 22, 23. Give us anything you can. We are all hoping you get a good lip lock in soon. From all of us (all gays) MORE Paul!

Michael C: Paul is a wonderful actor, writer, person and fantastic friend. And likes ladies. Sorry! He is a co-founder of a fantastic theatre company I work with called The Debate Society. They make really great theatre. His Bjork impression rivals mine. And yes, he’s super handsome.

A B: Do you find yourself slipping in and out of character while running around doing your daily errands? And do some of those events end up in your episodes?

Michael C: I do slip in and out. There are times I’ll be talking to someone normally, as Michael and then suddenly get angsty and shove a cupcake in my mouth…like “Jack.”  The whole series is fictional and not based on reality (except the parts that are real and based on life).

A B: What was high school like for you? Do you know of the game Smear the Queer? 

Michael C: I was on student council and was Homecoming King. So, ya know, life was really hard for me back then. Lots of political obligations. That’s rough on a kid. Funny you mention Smear The Queer. I only know of that game because I was in the world premiere of a really fantastic play called MilkMilkLemonade by Joshua Conkel, which dealt with a little gay kid growing up on a farm and his unlikely romance with his bully. I played his chain smoking grandmother who wore an oxygen tank and turban. Great look for me. Anyway, that game was referenced in the script, and someone explained it to me during rehearsals. Now I know what it is, but have yet to play it. I also have yet to play chess. Both are unlikely.

A B: Would you have identified with any of the following groups: Punk, Goth, Preppy, hippy, bully or art fag?

Michael C: In high school I think I thought I was punk, but I was really just a nerd who ordered riot grrrl music on mail order and did my homework and secretly loved En Vogue.  Preppy, yes. Duh. I’ve fully embraced that label/group.

A B: Can you can of any hints of what to look forward to it futures Episodes of Jack in a Box? And you personally.

Michael C: Well there is only one more episode this season, which still has to be shot. Then we’re gonna take a break and regroup. All I can say is, Jack can’t stay happy for too long. Can he?    

Find out more about Michael and the cast & crew of Jack in Box check:




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