Knock a Pair of Testicles Back and Forth: Interactive Website Encouraging Folks to Get Tested for HIV

by Accidental Bear

This gives a whole new meaning to AMAZEBALLS!

Thank you Unicorn Booty for making my entire summer by turning me on to this. Kevin Farrell at Unicorn Booty said it best, ” Hot DAMN. The French are infinitely hipper than Americans. Need proof? Check out this absolutely incredible interactive website encouraging folks to get tested for HIV (it only takes a finger prick!) by allowing them to use cartoon fingers to flick nipples, make buttcheek beats, play a condom xylophone, and knock a pair of testicles back and forth through a man’s briefs. “Balade les bijoux,” indeed!

Start with the music video posted here for a taste of the insanely addictive campaign, and then make your way over to the interactive site right HERE to make some sweet, sweet (porny) music of your own. Playing the vagina-steamer is simply a must-do for anyone’s bucket list.”


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