TYLER ROBINSON: Rocking the Nerdy ‘White Boy Soul’

by Accidental Bear

NewNowNext has held down this guy and asked him the who, what and Whys of his future and beyond. I am all ears. Here is the juice they squeezed out of him:

America was impressed and a little taken aback when singer Tyler Robinson came out to his dad on the NBC show The Voice. The kid’s got courage! He’s also got talent, with a style he calls “white boy soul.”

Now that the show is over and he has moved on, NewNowNext checked in with the adorable redhead to see what’s going on now and in the future. He has an EP expected out by the end of the year, and he’ll likely be performing locally or touring as well. Check him out!

NewNowNext: So it has been a while since your first TV appearance on The Voice. What have you been up to since?

Tyler Robinson: Actually I have recently relocated to LA. I’ve been working with multiple producers and writers, working on EP right now [due out hopefully by the end of the year]. I’ve started writing my own music and co-writing with writers who have been writing for longer. I’m starting to find my sound. I also released a single- Get Some.

What other artists do you think you’re similar to?

I’m like a bunch of different artists rolled into one. I like to say I’m like Adle and Bruno mars had a baby, but more pop-y than Adele and less than Bruno. I’m more blues than they are as well, so it’s different.

Your Reverbnation (an music artist site) bio is pretty fun. Did you write it?

“Seeing him walk out on stage does not prepare you for the experience you are about to have. When Tyler Robinson opens his mouth and makes those vocal cords move you forget you are looking at a quirky, fashion-forward redhead and hear only smooth, powerful music fill the room.”

Ha! I wrote it and my brother made it really cool sounding.

I saw via Twitter that you went sailing last week! Wow. What was that like?

OMG it was so fun. Actually, I learned how to sail when I was 13 or 14 in Boy Scouts and I had completely forgotten everything. When the guy who was taking me sailing asked for help, I had no clue what I was doing. It was really fun and kind of scary at moments. I got splashed with water the entire time.

Did you ever hear from your dad after you came out to him on national television?

Um… actually… we still talk via text and Skype. He hasn’t said anything about it yet. I’m going to wait for him to bring it up. We still talk about what we usually talk about. That’s good, at least. He’s really proud of me, which is nice. After performing on The Voice, he told me he was proud. That’s the first time he’s said that he’s proud of me.

How much has being gay affected you as an artist?

I mean … when it comes to being a gay artist, you just have to remember who you are. You can’t let something like sexual preference affect how you write music or decide what type of artists you’re going to me. The only hard part for me is writing a love song. You want the general public to enjoy it. I’m never going to use gender in my song ever, in a relationship way. A lot of writers have different approaches to that.

Do you have a gay following? I saw some comments on a site (Afterelton) about how cute your red hair is. I’m assuming it came from a guy.

I think I do… about half my Twitter followers are gay. I get a lot of creepy tweets. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of gays that follow me. The gay market is something that I’m definitely looking to tap into. We are loyal people and we like to take people from the bottom and push them up [to success].

If you want to keep updated with Tyler’s work, follow him on TwitterYouTube or Reverbnation!

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