I art You: Pencil Shaving Portraits

by Accidental Bear

I like this idea better than using smelly old milk cartons for environmentally friendly art. These wonderful portraits must have that wood scent, that frankly, I just can’t get enough of in my concrete city living world.  Artist Kyle Bean has created these portraits for Wallpaper magazine. (Fubiz)

Selectism - pencil-shaving-portraits-01

Selectism - pencil-shaving-portraits-02

Selectism - pencil-shaving-portraits-03

Selectism - pencil-shaving-portraits-04

3 Comments to “I art You: Pencil Shaving Portraits”

  1. Genius! Now here just needs to do one of Mike- naked.

  2. YES!!! He’ll need a lot of shavings..wink wink

  3. WOW! That is just incredible. And talented. I so wish i could think up ideas like this!

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