Gay Couple Frees Coyote From Giant Mayonnaise Jar: Gay Super Heros

by Accidental Bear

Gay super hero role models! Ok, maybe that is over doing it, but not if you were this poor little curious coyote. AB

Two Seattle men came to the aid of a coyote pup with an unusual predicament. The pup had a jar stuck on his head. People who live in the area had become concerned and called animal control because the pup had been stuck for at least a week. Roel Garcia says he and his partner, Jeff Bryant, had not seen any news reports about the pup and were taking a break from working in their back yard on Sunday when he saw the coyote approaching.

Coyote In A Jar X390 (FAIR) | ADVOCATE.COM

It was standing just a few feet from Bryant. Garcia said the pup looked weak and they could see the outline of his ribs through his fur. “I doubt he could see anything through the jar, let alone smell or hear my partner,” said Garcia. Bryant waited until the pup turned its head and then he leapt towards the pup, but the pup saw him and tried to run away. “My partner said that he saw that the pup had stumbled and fallen so my partner again leapt to the pup and was able to catch him,” said Garcia. Bryant pulled the jar off the pup’s head and the pup quickly ran back into the wooded area. (via

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