Brian Wilson Doesn’t Fear Cholesterol, Eats 60 Eggs a Week

by Accidental Bear

 Mr. Wilson you better have an obedient lady in your life that will pick these eggs from you beard as gently as I would and feed them back to you like a baby bird. AB

Brian Wilson Doesn't Fear CholesterolSan Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson is a noted fan of “14-star restaurant” Gary Danko, and it turns out he reallylikes eggs. Which makes sense because eggs are pretty cool and very important “for big days.”

But of course, Gary Danko isn’t a nightly destination for The Beard. Over at Food & Wine, Kate Krader reveals Brian Wilson’s day-to-day diet:

For breakfast I’ll usually make an eight egg-white omelette with bell peppers, shredded cheese, and slices or ham and turkey ripped up… I probably eat between 54 and 60 eggs a week.

It’s no Paul Newman egg-eating feat, but like Tim Lincecum‘s In-N-Out order of three double-doubles, it is pretty impressive.


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