PSA: How a Bear Loves a Cockatoo Named Babalu

by Accidental Bear

IMPORTANT: Please read how you can help save parrots. The movie “Rio” will have consequences. If we work hard we can turn these into positive consequences. Please check out this article CLICK HERE. The movie will inspire many to purchase these fragile spirited creatures and then abandon them once they discover that they are loud, have powerful beaks, and often destroy their feathers or act aggressively. Caution: “Rio” shows parrots taking poison: Cocoa, chocolate chip cookies, and food from human mouths. “Rio” does have value, too. It shows that human-raised birds rarely can survive in the wild. On the humorous side, note that the parrots in the movie have only 3 toes, not four.We must all act to turn this potential disaster into a venue to educate the public on the true nature of parrots. For more on their true nature, see this information in pdf format.

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