Project Runway All Stars Line-up, Minus Heidi Klum & Seal’s Big Penis References

by Accidental Bear

Today’s news feed has been unusually bloody, negative and infuriating. To lighten it up a tad I will either cover you with rainbow sprinkles or play a game we gays like, Lets talk Project Runway!! The All-star line-up has spilled over into my Facebook feed and it is my civil duty to pass it on, to you, the little people. Here is a rundown of who will be participating in this fashion extravaganza. One huge FYI, this all-star season will have NO Heidi Klum or Seal’s big penis references.  Isaac Mizrahi will be one of the judges, Ick. AB

The contestants are:

  • Austin Scarlett, the elaborately coiffed dandy who, during Season One, made an evening gown out of cornhusks.
  • Kara Janx, from Season Two, known for her signature color-blocked wrap dress.
  • Elisa Jimenez from Season Three, who marked her clothes with spit.
  • Rami Kashou, from Season Four, the master of draping who lost to Christian Siriano.
  • Sweet P, the tattooed retro-inspired spitfire from Season Four.
  • Jerell Scott from Season Five, a huge fan of bling.
  • Kenley Collins, the controversial alleged cat-thrower from Season Five, known for her vintage-y dresses.
  • Gordana Gehlhausen of Season Six, whom you may remember as being very very nice.
  • Anthony Williams from Season Seven, known for being hilarious and for using boid colors.
  • Mila Hermanovski, the one from Season Seven who liked everything to be in black and white.
  • April Johnston from Season Eight, the second-youngest contestant ever on the show.
  • Michael Costello from Season Eight, the one who everyone was mean to.
  • And last, but not least: Mondo Guerra, who tapdanced his way into our hearts with crazy mismatched patterns, bright colors and winning spirit.

As a reminder: Heidi Klum won’t be on this show: The part of Heidi Klum will be played by supermodel Angela Lindvall. Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman will be the judges.

Project Runway All Stars [Lifetime]

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