Handpicked News: Bachmann: I ‘Probably Would’ Reinstate DADT, Prague ‘gay pride’, F1 fan receives bionic hand, Pot-laced brownies

by Accidental Bear

Smuggled Dogs Rescued From Slaughter By Thai Authorities (DISTURBING VIDEO)

Dog Smuggle Thailand

Over one thousand dogs intended for consumption were rescued by Thai authorities on Thursday evening, reports AFP.Four trucks were stopped in the Nakhon Phanom province of northeastern Thailand. According to theDaily Mail, police swooped in with two raids near the Laos border. The trucks were stacked high with dogs stuffed into tiny cages, and 119 dogs were already dead.

 ‘Anonymous’ BART Hackers: Bay Area Transit Website Hacked, Information Leaked In Protest

SAN FRANCISCO — Hackers broke into a website for San Francisco’s mass transit system Sunday and posted contact information for more than 2,000 subscribers, the latest showdown between anarchists angry at perceived attempts to limit free speech and officials trying to control protests that grow out of social networking and have the potential to become violent. Bay Area Rapid Transit officials blocked underground cellphone service for a few hours Thursday at several stations as protesters tried to use social networking to organize a demonstration over the recent fatal shooting of a 45-year-old man by police. The decision was criticized by many as heavy handed, and some raised questions about whether the move violated free speech.

Jailing Undocumented Immigrants Is Big Business

Bachmann: I ‘Probably Would’ Reinstate DADT Because It ‘Has Worked Very Well’

This morning on CNN, contender for the GOP nomination and Iowa straw poll winner Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) told host Candy Crowley that DADT “has worked very well,” and if she were president she would “probably” reinstate it.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal: Gay Military Members Have Tough Time Returning To Service

Gay Pride ParadeSAN DIEGO — Former Air Force officer Michael Almy’s five-year battle to get back into the military after being discharged for being gay is still far from over despite the end of the policy that halted the decorated war veteran’s 13-year career and left him curled up on his bathroom floor, crying. The repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” coincides with the most competitive time in recent history to get into the military because of the sluggish economy, and the Defense Department says it has no plans to give priority to those discharged for being gay, even if they still meet the military’s age limits, fitness standards and cutoffs for time out of service.

Oregon gay-rights supporters aim for 2012 marriage vote

The 2012 general elections may be more than a year away, but Basic Rights Oregon — the state’s largest gay-rights organization — already is planning a voter-education campaign on same-sex marriage.The group plans to begin collecting signatures in October for a possible 2012 ballot campaign, said Jeana Frazzini, executive director of Basic Rights Oregon.

Prague ‘gay pride’: Czech capital hosts maiden march

A man wearing a mask of Czech President Vaclav Klaus gestures as he takes part in the first gay pride festival in the Czech capital Prague, 13 August 2011Several thousand people have marched through Prague in the Czech capital’s first “gay pride” festival. Revellers in fancy dress waved rainbow flags and blew whistles as they marched through the city centre. Some 300 police guarded the colourful event, which had stoked controversy and counter-marches. Earlier this week, a top aide to conservative President Vaclav Klaus, Deputy Chancellor Petr Hajek, labelled gay people as deviants. Mr Hajek criticised Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda for supporting “deviant fellow citizens.”

Gay Service Members March in Germany Pride Parade

On Saturday, 13 service members, joined by some civilian supporters, participated in the CSD Mannheim 2011 parade, according to OutServeGermany chapter co-leader Capt.OutServe Mannheim Parade x390 | Advocate.com Carlos Coronado, who is stationed at Buechel Air Base. Their presence — perhaps the first American active-duty contingent to march in an overseas pride parade — follows a group of about 350 active-duty and veteran service members who participated in the San Diego pride parade last month.

F1 fan receives bionic hand from Mercedes team

Matthew James, who has received a bionic hand paid for by the Mercedes Formula 1 team.

 Matthew James, 14, who was born without his left hand, sent a cheeky letter to Ross Brawn, boss of F1 team Mercedes GP Petronas, asking for £35,000 to pay for a top-of-the range artificial limb. In return, shrewd Matthew said he would allow the company to sponsor the hand by putting the Mercedes logo on it – like ads seen on F1 cars. But Mercedes where so touched by Matthew’s ”intelligent and moving letter” they agreed to help him and teamed up with firm Touch Bionics, who create and fit hi-tech artificial limbs.

O’Fallon High pranksters could face charges over pot-laced brownies

O’FALLON, Ill. • Three high school students could face criminal charges after allegedly passing out brownies secretly laced with marijuana to 23 of their  classmates at a summer band camp last week. Police say none of the students at O’Fallon Township High School experienced any ill-effects from the apparent pot brownie prank, but the Aug. 1 situation could have ended badly. “Any time anybody is given drugs or something else without their knowledge that can obviously be a health hazard,” O’Fallon police Sgt. Rob Schmidtke said. “We won’t let this slide. It could have been a very big deal.”

Raising chickens legal in Chicago, and people are crowing about it

Seven-year-old Hadari Grayer knows that cows and pigs live on farms. He saw them there during a kindergarten class field trip. Chickens, though, live in Little Village, next door to the apartment building he lives in. The four neighborhood hens — all named after female revolutionaries — and one unnamed rooster are the feathered emissaries for the 2800 block of West 21st Place.

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