Bearotic Turns us on to Irish Musician Stephen Tunney

by Accidental Bear

We give big fuzzy bear hugs with an intense press of our pelvis to the web site Bearotic for bringing  Stephen Tunney to our attention.  Stephen Tunney, a 20 year old Irish bear cub has been crawling around on all fours trying to find place to lay his head. Through the outlet of music he has found a safe place in the bear community. The out come of this journey was his album In Search of Home with the band name Retreat From Moscow. Love it! We are going to do our best to get this one to talk with us here at Accidental Bear.

Stephen puts it best. From the horses mouth read on “This project (Retreat From Moscow) was the beginning of something I felt comfortable with and something I had complete control over. I began recording in late 2009 just as I started college. I bought a really cheap acoustic guitar and found a typically 80s casio keyboard in Spain and put together my old drum kit and that was it, I had all the ingredients to make a record. I was very secretive about the whole thing, releasing teaser excerpts online once in a while. I would spend weeks neglecting university and working on a song until I was satisfied with it. The software I use tells you how long you’ve spent recording a song and in some instances it was as a high as 35 hours on one track. This was because I had to record everything by myself, instrument by instrument and tweak everything accordingly in the mix. Honestly it took forever and it might not sound like the most polished piece of work but I couldn’t be happier with it or it’s naturally occurring warm sound.”

“I guess it mixes soft folksy acoustic guitar with pretty synth and heavy drums. A lot of people say it’s similar to Bon Iver and originally I would’ve agreed with that but his lyrics tend to be very nonsensical and just pretty sounds. I feel as though I’ve uprooted some fairly personal stuff in this record. The theme is basically, my journey to find home. A place where I feel comfortable and safe, which has a lot to do with my own worries about coming out and how people’s perception of me might change. Some of it is about my concern that starting a family as a gay man is a tricky pursuit one that a 21 year old shouldn’t be worried about but I tend to put the weight of the world on my shoulders all the time. The theme bends and curves coinciding with the music but there’s a cohesive meaning in there… somewhere :P .”

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