The New Nomads: Creative Homeless Hippies

by Accidental Bear

Nomads sound much my appealing while rolling off the tip of my tongue but it’s just a fancy word for creative homeless hippies.  Lawless and thieving equals criminals, not gypsies playing by different rules. We all live on this planet called earth, so disguising yourself by cute well put together rag outfits and renaming the way’s in which you interact with society doesn’t make you something new or lawless. You “New Nomads” living on the edge  cities,  of Central Europe live off the grid, you are just common street beggars, homeless people of a different shade of dirt. Mike Enders


Wandering the edges of townships in the grey zones between cities, the Gypsies of Central Europe live off the grid. Myths, rumours, lies cloud their histories for they heed no rules and leave few traces – instead, they survive off the land, and sometimes they beg, thieve and steal.

Count Kálnoky tells me at his residence, in the village of Miklosvar in Romania where I was staying as a guest, that he was indeed wireless: the Gypsies had cut the cables to fence the copper for their lawless trade. If Gypsies can’t be trusted it is because they play a different game: While we build around hearth and home, and bank our paper money, Gypsies scavenge, forage and live as nomads, content to be rootless and transient. While we fill our archives with images, texts and our libraries with facts, their stories remain oral and they choose to forget the rest. (via

© Iain McKell -


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