URSA Skin Care For Men, Live Major

by Accidental Bear

As a pretty typical gay-homosexual I like to have good skin. Even coming from the beardy point of view, your cheeks and neck are still out there for the world to see and judge. As boy I would lather my mothers flowery, brightly colored products all over my face and practice french kissing my hand. Even at a young age, I knew the smell wasn’t to my liking, I wanted something that said, ” I  am man , hear me roar” but with nice skin. Ursa skin products for men was brought to attention just this morning and I am ready to consume the whole line. Take a look men. Did you notice the awesome label?


Ursa Major is passionate about human and environmental health. We take great care to develop clean, healthy skin care products which work incredibly well and also offer a wonderful experience. We never use parabens, sulfates, petroleum and petroleum derived chemicals, glycols (propylene glycol), ethoxylated chemicals (PEGs), ethanolamines (TEA, DEA, MEA), synthetic colors, synthetic polymers, silicones, phthalates, chemical sunscreens or formaldehyde donors. (If that stuff sounds gnarly, it is!)” www.ursamajormen.com

Men’s Skin 101

You may have noticed: men’s facial skin is different to women’s skin. It’s thicker, oilier, has more pores and sweats more. And of course men have much tougher, faster-growing hair follicles or ‘whiskers’. All this creates a unique set of challenges best met by regular use of skincare products designed specifically for men.

At a basic level, regardless of how often you shave, a good skincare regimen entails cleaning (vs. torching), “exfoliating” (removing dead cells from the skin’s surface), hydrating, nourishing and protecting your skin 1-3 times a day (literally feeding your skin the key minerals, vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, etc. it needs to function at its best), depending on how oily and trouble-prone your skin is, your lifestyle, the climate you live in, what time of year it is, etc.

Many companies try to sell you an arsenal of fancy-sounding products – packed with suspect synthetic chemicals – to get the job done. Personally we think most men would do fine with just a good face cleanser, a multi-function toner/astringent (especially for men with oily skin), a lotion packed with natural actives (with and without a natural SPF), plus a great shave product.

Of course regular use of good natural skincare products will only get you so far. Just as important to maintaining great skin health is eating a balanced nutritious diet, exercising regularly, staying hydrated (with H2O!), getting enough rest and managing your stress levels. Easier said than done!

Natural vs. synthetic? Learn more about the benefits of natural skincare here: Why Go Natural?

Super Natural

To learn more, read Why go natural? and visit The Blog Cabin.

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