Bluebeards Original: Products for the Bearded Man & Butt Pirates

by Accidental Bear


Pride in ones beard can possibly have a life all its own. Run you and yourself a bath, choose some soothing music, Tom Waits perhaps, and have an intimate evening with Bluebeard products and your chin. Internet porn not needed. Mike Enders

Bluebeards Original is dedicated to saving beards.

The cultivation of facial hair is the celebration of a unique spirit, and finally, there is a dedicated line of products to match.  Bluebeards Original supports the bearded man who wants to buck the convention of the daily shave, whether for a weekend or a lifetime.


Bluebeards Original was founded in 2004 by two kitchen apothecaries in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Their  goal: to ease “beard itch” and provide natural, effective products that clean and tame even the wildest of beards.   The award-winning Beard Saver and Beard Wash continue to be manufactured in Pennsylvania, and are 99%+ natural. 

Ultimate Beard Gift Set
Specially formulated for men’s beards and the sensitive skin underneath

• Lime dissolves oils and helps prevent ingrown hairs
• With aloe and shea butter to soothe skin and ease beard itch
• No parabens
• No sulfates
• No artificial fragrances or colors
• Tested on real beards

Bluebeards Original Saver and Wash are Bluebeards Original has been featured in Esquire, Modern Stylist, Instinct Magazine, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Winner of Treehugger’s 2010 “Best of Green” and Esquire Magazine’s Best of Grooming (Beard Wash) 2009

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